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Engage your customers-  the right Channel at the right Time

Build and manage your marketing campaigns across any channel.

Marketing Cloud empowers you to control Email, Mobile, Social, Advertising, and Websites and much more all under 1 roof.

STOP WASTING VALUABLE TIME manually sending and responding to hundreds and thousands of client actions!

SitRep will Automate your marketing to scale your capabilities and reach customers with relevant messaging throughout the entire lifecycle with rich analytics to gauge your success.

Marketing Automation

“Set it and forget it” –  well don’t completely forget it.

Journey Builder

Journey Builder is a powerful campaign planning tool that empowers marketers to design and automate responsive campaigns across Email, Mobile, Social, and even Service Cloud.

The foundation of a campaign in Journey Builder is based on customer Interactions. Interactions include “Activities” set by the marketer that instruct the Marketing Cloud to communicate to an individual “Contact” based on his or her actions throughout each stage of the Journey.

SitRep will tailor your Journey’s to respond to these behaviors creating a truly unique and individual experience with your brand.

Automation Studio

Automation Studio provides a workflow canvas where you have the ability to drag-and-drop activities to build simple or multi-step automations. You also have the ability to develop complex versions of automations and get a concise view of their performance by way of the Dashboard.

The following activities are available to all users of Automation Studio: Data Extract, Filter, File Import, Group Refresh, Report Definition, SQL Query, Send Email, Transfer File, and Wait. Fire Event and Send Salesforce Email can also be added depending on use case and client needs.

Think about your current marketing strategy. What could you automate?


You’ve Got (e)Mail

Email Studio

The original Workhorse of the Marketing Cloud. Besides providing attractive pre-built templates and drag-and-drop content tools, Email Studio offers mobile-optimized templates, A/B testing solutions, and easy automation capabilities.

Campaign approvals allow you to collaborate across teams with workflow processes to help control email quality, reviews, and more.

Use behavioral data to create relevant messages and receive real-time tracking information such as Opens, Bounces and Click-Throughs at both individual and aggregate levels.


Listen… Publish. Engage.

Social Studio

Leverage Salesforce’s Social Studio to Bring You Closer to Your Social Customer

Streamline your entire social marketing processes in one place to:

  • Organize social accounts and teams for efficient collaboration.
  • Analyze conversations on your social properties along with the broad social web for real-time market, customer, and competitive intelligence.
  • Listen for emerging trends and conversations to inform and validate your campaign and community strategies.
  • Plan, publish, report on and share your content without friction, and will seamlessly comply with your content governance policies.
  • Engage with customers and prospects and their Journey with your brand. Improve customer satisfaction by being available and responsive.


Can You Hear Me Now?

Engage customers in the moment.

Send real-time alerts, and deliver transactional notifications with easy-to-use mobile messaging. Ready-made SMS and MMS templates and a drag-and-drop interface let you create any kind of mobile message.

Drive mobile app engagement.

Your customers have dozens of apps competing for their attention. Increase app engagement and drive mobile commerce with targeted push notifications and integration with other delivery channels.

Utilize geolocation technology.

Trigger interactions at exactly the right time and place, enhancing the customer journey with personalized mobile experiences that engage when your customers are within a targeted geographic range.

Create 1-to-1 conversations on group messaging apps.

Stand ready to engage in personal 1-to-1 conversations with your followers.